Master Stormwater Management Plan

Master Stormwater Management Plan (MSMP)

The Village of Northbrook has completed the fourth revision of its MSMP. The plan is comprised of two documents: an executive report and a separate appendix that provides in depth history and analysis on stormwater in the Village of Northbrook and detailed information on the projects included in the plan. The projects, programs, and recommendations included in the plan were created around the Village's four goals for managing stormwater, the MSMP will not eliminate flooding in the Village. The goals in order of priority are:
  1. Reduce structure flooding/damage as a result of stormwater.
  2. Reduce street and front yard flooding to maintain access for emergency responders.
  3. Manage property flooding (rear and side yard).
  4. Manage development/redevelopment.
Links to the complete MSMP, Appendix, Stormwater Segments of the Capital Improvement Plan, documentation of additional areas not included in the MSMP , and the following flood plain information:

Board of Trustee's Review

The following are links to the documentation prepared in conjunction with the Village Board of Trustee's review of the Master Stormwater Management Plan:

Watershed Projects