Swimming Pool (Indoor/Outdoor)

For the construction of a new outdoor swimming pool, see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

Application Requirements

Note: If you are seeking to demolish an existing swimming pool, please see the Swimming Pool Demolition Permit Page.

  • Permit Application Packet - The documents below are combined into one PDF file.
    1. Building Permit Application
    2. Fence Application (Needed for Outdoor Pools only)
    3. Zoning Worksheet - Residential (Needed for Outdoor Pools only)
    4. Building Site and Utility Data Worksheet
    5. Tree Protection Agreement
    6. Contractors of Record

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Building Construction and Inspection Fee - To be determined based on scope of work
  • Permit Application Deposit - $250 (Due at time of permit submission)

Drawing Requirements (To Be Submitted With Permit Application)

  • Architectural Drawings - 4 rolled sets (see Architectural Drawing Requirements for more information)
  • Civil Engineering Drawings - 4 rolled sets (see Civil Engineering Submittal Guidelines for more information) - Village of Northbrook Standard Detail Sheet to be included with each civil engineering drawing set
  • Plat of Survey - 4 copies (survey must be sealed and be “to scale”)

Construction Submittal Requirements

The following apply during the course of construction:

Required Inspections

  • Electrical Rough-In
  • Final Inspection
  • Foundation/Footing/Slab (pre-pour) (If applicable)
  • Paving - prior to paving/pouring concrete (If applicable)
  • Plumbing/Mechanical Rough-In
  • Site/Grading (if applicable)
  • Structural Inspection

Additional Resources