Residential Demolition

For the demolition of a single family residence, see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

If you are seeking to demolish an existing detached garage, please view our Demolition of Detached Garage permit information.

Application Requirements

  • Permit Application Packet
  • Application Submittal Requirements- The following documents are required for a complete submittal:
    1. Demolition of Residential Structure Permit Application
    2. Demolition Management Site Plan (3 copies)
    3. Cook County Dept. of Environmental Control Demolition Permit (original copy)
    4. Letter from ComEd (Electrical Service Disconnection verification)
    5. Letter from Nicor (Gas Service Disconnection verification)
    6. Contractor(s) of Record Form (Verifying Plumbing and Sewer Contractor)
    7. Verification of Water Meter and Final Meter Reading

Application Taxes, Fees & Deposits

  • Demolition Tax - $10,000 (For all single family residential demolition permits applied for as of January 1, 2021, due at time of permit pick-up) 
  • Building Construction and Inspection Fees - $750 (Due at time of permit pick-up)
  • Right of Way Damage Deposit and Demolition Escrow - $5,000 (Due at time of permit pick-up) - Deposit will be refunded when a final demolition inspection is conducted and approved.

Utility Disconnect Notification Information

Utility/Notification Contact Phone
Electricity - Letter/Documentation Required
ComEd 1-800-334-7661
Gas - Letter/Documentation Required
Water Reading and Return - Verification of final meter reading/recording and return of water meter to Public Works
Department of Public Works (DPW)
Well Abandonment - Well Sealing Form (State of Illinois Department of Public Health) Required
State of Illinois DPH
Septic Tank Abandonment - Village of Northbrook Inspections Required
Development and Planning Services (DPS)

Drawing Requirements (To Be Submitted With Permit Application)

  • Demolition Site Management Plan - 3 sets (see Sample Demolition Management Site Plan) for details, each plan mustinclude:
    • Location of construction fencing (chain-link) and tree fencing (wood slat)
    • Tree Preservation Detail (tree species, condition, and size on the subject property)
    • Main Line Utilities (Sanitary sewer, water main, and storm sewer) should be clearly labeled and identified on the plan
    • B-Box Location
    • Location of existing Water and Sewer Service Utilities
    • Location of desired Water and Sewer Service Disconnections
    • Outline of the Structure and concrete to be demolished

Required Inspections

  1. Perimeter Construction (Chain-Link)/Tree Fencing (Wood Slat) and Signage
  2. Utility Disconnect
  3. Final Grading

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