Alternative Energy Source

For the installation of a solar panel or alternative energy source, see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

Application Requirements

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Building Construction and Inspection Fee - $130
  • Permit Application Deposit - $60 (Due at time of permit application submission)
  • Additional fees may apply at time of permit pick-up

Drawing Requirements (to be Submitted with Permit Application)

Please submit 3 copies of each item listed below:

  • Alternative Energy Source specifications and diagrams from the manufacturer / installer
  • For structure mounted alternative energy source components, State of Illinois Licensed Design Professional assessment
  • Plat of Survey with location of the alternative energy source and dimensions to property lines indicated
  • Building / roof section graphic indicating height of panels from ridge and / or grade
  • Roof plan with layout of panels to scale and incorporating fire setbacks per 2018 IRC Section 324
Note:  While currently utilizing the 2012 International Code Council building codes, the Village of Northbrook will be adopting the 2018 ICC set of codes for application in the 2019 construction season. Due to the recent increase in roof mounted solar panel systems and the clarity of Solar Energy Systems in the 2018 IRC this edition and section may be referenced for complaint roof pathways and fire setbacks as noted above. This allowance pertains to single family residential roof mounted photovaltaic solar panels systems only.

Required Inspections

  • Electrical Rough-In
  • Plumbing/Mechanical Rough-In (If applicable)
  • Final Inspection