Street Sweeping

On a regular basis, the Village performs street sweeping throughout the community. Street sweeping is an important service that helps keep streets clean and helps prevent the build up of debris, leaves and other items that can clog the storm sewer system and lead to localized flooding. This page overviews the Village's street sweeping program and common questions regarding it.

Street Sweeping Interactive Map

Click the map below to see which sections of Northbrook are in progress, completed, and yet to be swept. Also find data on water usage, debris collected, and miles driven to date. 

Street Sweeping Map

Why does the Village complete street sweeping?

The Village completes street sweeping to clean Village-owned streets and remove excessive debris that can damage vehicles or potentially prevent the stormwater system from working as designed. Street sweeping is done throughout the year but most frequently in spring to clean up the roads from the winter months and in the fall to remove leaves from the roadway that can clog stormwater inlets and other structures.

In addition to the items mentioned above, sweeping helps remove garage and debris that might otherwise be allowed to enter lakes and rivers. This helps improve the quality of the Village's stormwater runoff and thereby improves the quality of local waterways. 

When will my street be swept?

The Village continuously monitors the progress of its street sweeping operations and will post regular updates on social media and in the Village's email newsletter for residents' reference. 

How often are street swept?

The Village has established the following goals for the street sweeping program:

  • Main Roadways (including Cherry, Walters and other large Village-owned streets): Inspected monthly and swept when needed. More frequent sweeps may occur during the fall or as necessary. 
  • Central Business District: Inspected every two weeks and swept when needed. More frequent sweeps may occur during the fall or as necessary. 
  • Full Sweep (all Village-owned streets): Completed annually in April and October. During the fall, streets will be inspected more frequently and sweeps will occur as needed.
  • Curb Sweeps (curbed Village-owned streets): In addition to the full sweeps, sweeps of curbed streets are conducted in June, July and as necessary.
  • Village-owned Parking Lots (Metra, etc.): All municipal lots are fully swept in May and December. Additional sweeping will occur as necessary.

The Village owns 252 sweeping miles of roadway. When conducting full sweeps, the Village's goal is to complete 17 miles a day. The street sweeping program divides the Village into nine sections to organize its work, and these updates will refer to those section numbers. All updates are tentative. 

My street needs to be swept. How do I report it?

Outside of the fall season, please report the street using GONorthbrook. Once a supervisor receives a request, he or she will be review the area to determine if additional sweeping is necessary. 

During the fall season, supervisors will continuously inspect roadways and continue sweeping as necessary until the first snowfall. Additional sweeps for individual streets should not be necessary unnecessary additional debris needs to be removed. 

Who should I contact with questions?

For any questions regarding this program, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-272-4711.