Information for Contractors

Information for Contractors and Resources Related to Issued Building Permits. 

Contractor Licensing

  • List of Registered Contractors List of contractors currently licensed with the Village (last updated 07-26-23).
  • Contractor License Application Application to become a licensed contractor or to renew expired licensing with the Village. License is good for one year from application date.  
    • General Contractors - $100 General contractors and homeowners acting as general contractor who do not live at the residence undergoing construction.
    • Electrical Contractors - $70 Submit copy of valid electrician’s license or registration with license application.
    • Plumbing Contractors - No Fee Submit copy of State of Illinois Plumbing Contractor Registration (055).
    • Sewer Contractors - $70
    • Pavement Contractors - $70
    • Sealcoat Contractors - $70 Submit Contractor’s Affidavit of Compliance agreement prohibiting use of coal tar pavement products. 
    • Please Note: A Village contractor license is not required for for HVAC, Fire Protection, Fence or Sign contractors.
  • The Village accepts credit card payment on fees up to $6,000.


  • Insulation Change During Construction Changes to insulation during construction must be reported prior to or during the rough framing inspection.
  • Spot/Location Survey Approval Application Required prior to the start of rough inspections for new single family residences, new multi-family residences and new commercial buildings. (Also required for a single family addition that required a Zoning Board of Appeals approval prior to permit issuance.)
  • Civil Engineering As-Built Application Required prior to a final engineering inspection for new single family residences, single family residence additions that required engineering drawings for permit issuance, new multi-family residences and new commercial buildings.
  • Change of Contractor Form Any change of contractor that takes place following permit issuance must be completed prior to the commencement of any work by the new contractor. Failure to do so constitutes a violation of the municipal code and will result in a $250 penalty fee, per contractor. If changing a plumbing or water service contractor, please also provide a sealed or notarized plumbing letter of intent signed by the person whose name appears on the contractor’s 055.
  • Permit Revision Application Submit the completed form along with three copies of any revised drawings.
  • Permit Extension Application Issued permits are valid for 18 months. Should the permitted work be incomplete by the end of the 18-month period, a permit extension is required.  
  • Certificate of Occupancy Application For Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (Stocking/Furnishings & Training Only), Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and Final Certificate of Occupancy.

Required Inspections

Additional Construction Resources